How AI Can Accelerate Your B2B Buyer Journey
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How AI Can Accelerate Your B2B Buyer Journey

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have allowed us to anticipate the behavior of the consumers by analyzing the data stored through sales and interaction on social media networks. Artificial intelligence and machine learning do not only increase sales and reduce man work but also improve the b2b buyer journey.

Artificial intelligence bots can optimize the communication with the leads and prospects to ensure that the answers to all the queries of the consumers are relevant and on time.

Fast interaction with the customer matters

Did you know that more than 53% of the customers never open the website or decide to abandon it if your website takes more than three seconds to load? Quick response to the customer’s query is essential in enhancing the experience. Nowadays, the market is quite saturated. Therefore, the customers don’t wait for you to respond. Instead, they find your company’s alternative in the meantime.

The worst part is most of the competitor companies have your leads’ information. They can call your potential customers and take away your sales.

You are likely to miss customers and sales opportunities unless you respond quickly and in real-time. But how do you grab sales opportunities actively for 24 hours in a day? Simple; AI is the solution to your problem.

Let’s say you work for a clothing brand and someone requests for the store timings in his/her neighborhood. Now, the artificial intelligence assistant on your website or social media messaging app could provide basic information about the nearest store timings in a friendly and conversational manner. Moreover, a Chabot could even email the live location or map to the customer.

The AI assistant on your website will not only upgrade your CRM as per the new information on leads and prospects but will also nurture the leads by engaging in a conversational manner.

Once the customer is satisfied with the initial conversation, a connection could be built and personalized follow-ups from your customer representatives could lead the customer to the sales funnel.

However, the parameters for lead engagement are quite different for every company. An AI assistant can easily identify potential leads, answer queries, respond to quick requests and even handle objections. When the assistant has handled the initial communication with the customers, you can hand the follow-up to human representatives.

Artificial intelligence supporting your marketing objectives

AI truly nurtures and supports your marketing objectives by handling customers, engaging prospects, and carrying out conversations 24/7.

AI Chat and email bots can seek specific information on customers, set up an appointment for your clients, and even carry out a smooth marketing journey.

Apart from conversing, AI assistants can also perform reporting and analysis on the marketing strategy. With the help of AI, you’d be able to optimize and run a successful marketing campaign.

AI in marketing is important

Time is of the essence in an organization. However, artificial intelligence does not only optimize your buyer’s journey but also saves a lot of the time that you spend in optimizing sales and marketing strategies. More than 72% of the businesses in the survey agree that AI has played a significant role in reducing work. This has allowed the teams to concentrate more on methods and non-mundane tasks as bots carry out all the repetitive and basic tasks.

How does AI influence the B2B buyer’s journey?

AI can transform your buyer’s journey in the following ways:

Create audience awareness

Artificial intelligence has the ability to target the customers who might want your products and services. This allows you to create buyer personas based on potential customers.

Create interest in your products

Your automation system delivers great information and insights on your products and services. Bots might show research to introduce your product in the market. Moreover, you could also use them to encourage people to sign up for your webinars and newsletters.

Audience considers your products

The consideration stage is where you send personalized messages to the potential customers who are already engaging with your brand.

Evaluate your products

Evaluation is important as customers are keen on comparing prices, weighing pros, cons and finding alternatives. In this stage, it is important to show why they should choose your product over other products in the market.

Interact and promote your products

Once your customers have completed the funnel stage, you could bombard them with satisfactory messages.

Artificial intelligence improves customer experience

Artificial intelligence allows us to focus on high-quality leads by exceeding customers’ expectations. More than 75% of the marketers lose sales because their leads never convert. However, 61% of the businesses agree that artificial intelligence is now one of the most important aspects of their marketing and sales strategy.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence has a long way to go because it has just started. But you can make the most out of it by automating your marketing campaigns and B2B buyer’s journey.

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