Unleash AI to Improve Your B2B Email Marketing
Article is about How to Improve B2B Email Marketing with AI

Unleash AI to Improve Your B2B Email Marketing

There are countless strategies that marketers implemented in their campaigns in order to see more conversions. With that said, the most popular and useful method continues to be the email with 91% of marketers saying that email marketing is essential in their efforts. This means that the focus of any campaign should be to improve email marketing.
  1. Use AI to optimize your subject lines

When a person writes a subject line, there is always an element of bias, not to mention a lack of resources to generate the best outcome. Even expert copywriters will write subject lines with many limitations that can severely hinder the results of the email campaign. This can often lead to content that is not going to be hitting the inbox and is destined to make its way to the spam folder. When this happens, your chances of engagement are completely ruined and your campaign ends up being a very frustrating experience. Using Artificial Intelligence for this purpose is going to help generate subject lines based on pattern matching. AI will make use of algorithms that are going to help generate optimal subject lines depending on your niche and product.

  1. Upgrade email personalization

One of the biggest pitfalls of email marketing is the lack of personalization involved. When people open emails that look like templates, they are very likely to lose interest. With that said, it can be hard to personalize bulk emails due to how long this task would take and how many resources would be required. You can forget about this time-consuming task with the use of Artificial Intelligence. The way that AI handles predictive analytics with the use of customer data and complex algorithms is enough to generate optimal product recommendations, headlines, and many other aspects of your email messages.
  1. Optimize the timing of your emails

The exact time of the day when your emails are most likely to be seen by your potential customers is very difficult to determine. Marketers would usually have to resort to experimenting and split testing in order to determine this factor. This would usually mean spending weeks and even months just trying to find the best timeframes to send their content. When you implement AI into your efforts, you will be able to determine the click volume, the open volume, the best time to send emails, the best days to send emails, and all of this will be customized depending on your target industry. It is important to note that over 90% of marketing emails that receive any clicks are sent on weekdays. This means that the weekend are less likely to be a good time to engage most audiences. It is also notable that the highest engagement was found right in the middle of the week. This means between Tuesday and Thursday.

Final thoughts

AI has become a major component of most successful digital marketing strategies. It saves time and it helps your entire team maintain a more productive flow of work. We gave you 3 of the most essential and useful ways to use AI for B2B email marketing, but the advantages it brings are vast and the ways in which AI can be implemented are growing in numbers as this technology continues to see constant upgrades. It is essential to find quality assistance to help implement new strategies that strengthen your campaigns. Start using AI to boost your email conversions by scheduling a call with the sales team at Byonic.AI today.