Demand Gen Professionals
You have many responsibilities, but one job. Generate the highest conversion leads for your sales team. AI-powered and intent-based, Byonic delivers at all points of the funnel or with a targeted hybrid for truly customizable campaigns.
Sales Professionals
Sales professionals rely on growing a robust pipeline with greater close rates. Utilizing Byonic’s machine learning, artificial intelligence engine helps to optimize existing ABM lists or can create new ones that consistently surpass previous prospecting methods. Leverage your list or our massive 45+ million B2B decision makers layered with intent for a clear path to closing. Right person, right message, right time was never so well executed.
Agency/Media Partners
Go beyond “persona” to a true customer insight profile. Eliminate blast approaches by understanding the who, what, where, when, and why from branding to revenue growth. Helping you reach your ideal customer is our goal. With Byonic’s customer insights and predictive analytics, you can become an indispensable partner to your clients.
Execution is the name of the game for operations teams. Gain the best technology for the best results. Collaboration between sales and marketing helps to eliminate the communication gap between theory and results. With Byonic’s powerful dashboards, real-time campaign updates and on-demand alignment, it all works together without relying on multiple solutions that can be confusing and costly.
Client Success Professionals
Successful campaigns are critical. But, if the support system is out of the loop, initiatives can lose efficacy. Informed support and success professionals are the backbone of execution. Completing the loop with marketing and sales, Byonic offers powerful tools to unify data and simplify communication.
Bynoic Product Modules
Domain Intent Signal : Use AI tool to generate Intent signal on scoring scale of AF. The Algorithm creates actionable campaign insight based on full spectrum of lead data.

Generate ABM : Generate intelligent ABM based on Intent signals and buyer journey for highest quality prospects

Evaluate ABM : Prioritize existing vs. newly created ABM lists, based on scoring engine results
Demand Funnel
Lead Intent Signal : Funnel Flip :Smart AI/ML powered Leads at the top.

Pre-generated leads :Search and utilize pre generated leads.

SaaS model : On Demand to suit your needs
Lead to Sales Matching

Lead Background Info : Provide additional info related to Leadeg : how it was generated, interaction method, depth of interaction, history of consumption,

Buyer tracking : Where are they in the funnel NOW?

Lead Nurturing : Automated post consumption nurturing

Lead Delivery : Real time Electronic lead delivery system
Smart Camp(ai)2gn
Manage RFP : End to end flexibility with RFP creation and tracking

Manage Digital Campaign : Complete control over campaign mode and process. Easily utilize preferred method for building and executing program

Analytics on live campaign :Real time statistics on Campaign

Lead Delivery : Real time Electronic lead delivery system
Lead Delivery Integration : Lead delivery can be automated to include various options like download from clientportal, file based, and API based integration with Marketo or Eloqua

CRM Integration : Automatically discover and adjust for any gaps in evaluation process.
An omnichannel approach to fuel your demand generation needs Drive true customer satisfaction with
Most platforms were not built as a one-stop shop for all your marketing campaign needs. Now, with, you get a full suite of end-to-end capabilities that include account intelligence, lead insights, marketing automation and creative content, powered by AI/ML and wrapped in one simple and intuitive platform to run smart campaigns.
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Discover Demand
Companies are always searching for great services, platforms and products. Help them find you by understanding who those companies are, what they are searching for, and how to reach them.
AI-Based Predictions
Use our built-in AI-based model and a powerful ABM list to engage with new or potential customers as well as manage buyer journeys and behavior in real-time.
Intent Signals
Maximize ROI of the ABM list by unlocking insights from your prospective buyers, and determine purchasing possibility through data that comes from intent signals and surge alerts.
Key Segmentation
Segment account data based on buyer behavior in real-time as well as keyed-in attributes so you can gain deeper insights into your focused audiences and targeted campaigns.
Launch Meaningful Campaigns
Create and launch content for personalized campaigns and digital experiences through the use of account data that provides the right messaging for the right customer at the right time.
High Quality Lead
Identify how likely your prospects are to convert from prospects to paying customers. When lead quality is high, your sales pipeline and revenue potential will always be full.
Measure Results
Keep your team on the same page by aligning their goals to the campaign and optimizing campaigns in real-time to achieve expected revenue growth.
Manage Digital Campaign
Gain complete control over campaign modes and processes while easily utilizing preferred methods for building and executing demand generation programs.
Dashboards and Reports
Measure and analyze the outcomes and results of your smart campaigns through intuitive reports and dashboards that you can check at any time.
Lead Background Info
Provide additional information related to each lead: how it was generated, interaction methods, depth of interaction, behavior patterns and history of consumption to better understand what that person is looking for.
Lead to Sales Matching
Gain visibility into the broader scope of an organization by ensuring your sales team is matched with individuals and can see the overall company structure.
Buyer tracking
Keep track of where your potential buyers are in the funnel and reach them at the right point of need with the right information that can get them to convert.
Lead Nurturing
Be effective with lead nurturing campaigns with automated post consumption nurturing which focuses on specific marketing communication messages.
Lead Delivery
With a real time, electronic lead delivery system at your fingertips, you can ensure your leads are being routed to the right place in the right amount of time.