Redefines the Future of Digital Marketing Redefines the Future of Digital Marketing

Frisco, Texas-based company, Bython Media, launches a revolutionary AI/MI-powered marketing platform, the first of its kind on the planet.  

Monday, August 23, 2021 — Frisco, Texas — The next generation of AI- and ML-powered marketing is coming soon. is the first-of-its-kind end-to-end platform for personalized lead insights, creative content, account intelligence, intent-based data, account-based marketing, and marketing automation. It allows data-driven teams to align their marketing, product, and customer success goals with revenue growth and sales. uses an extensive database that identifies the purchasing intent and habits of in-market prospects at various points in the sales and marketing cycles. AI capabilities target the right people at the right time, providing users with unparalleled real-time engagement opportunities that help turn prospects into well-qualified customers.  

The platform uses predictive and actionable insights to discover the highest-quality leads for more successful marketing and sales outcomes. Users can measure campaign success with extensive reports and analysis. The end-to-end repeatable process embedded within allows users to: discover, build, target, deliver, analyze, engage, and convert.  

Account intelligence finally meets artificial intelligence. 

How Works will revolutionize digital marketing for: 

  • Marketers 
  • MarTech/Operations specialists 
  • Demand gen professionals 
  • Sales professionals 
  • Agency/media partners
  • Client success professionals 

B2B marketing and sales professionals can use the platform in several ways: 

  • To discover which marketing strategies resonate best with audiences 
  • To use first-party intent signals to unlock insights from prospective buyers 
  • To learn what campaigns are the most effective and generate the greatest ROI
  • To use AI to predict your marketing funnel and the highest quality lead potential
  • To segment data based on budget, interest, time, and authority  

“Most platforms weren’t built as a one-stop-shop for all your marketing campaign needs,” says Snehhil Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, at Bython Media, creators of “Now, you get a full suite of end-to-end capabilities that include account intelligence, lead insights, marketing automation, and creative content, powered by AI/ML and wrapped in one simple and intuitive platform to run smarter campaigns.” 

Byonic.AI will launch in Fall 2021. Marketing and demand generation professionals can sign up for an early demo on the company’s website, www.Byonic.AI.  


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