AI-Focused Case Studies for Sales and Marketing Success
Article is about ai in sales and marketing

AI-Focused Case Studies for Sales and Marketing Success

Using artificial intelligence in sales and marketing is not about replacing people or reducing labor. AI incorporating is all about making sales and marketing strategies smarter. Forward-thinking sales representatives are using AI-powered systems to make sales tasks easier.

Consider the time you spend on preparing activities to close sales deals faster. Some of the sales tasks are quite important, such as pipeline management. However, they are tedious and take up much of your time. Hunting down the target audience and acquiring contact information is time-taking.

But AI tools for sales automate the operations and streamline tedious yet time-taking tasks.

Use cases for AI in sales

Here are few applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence in the sales department:

  1. Pipeline management

    Building a sales pipeline is a challenging and tedious task. However, AI can speed up the process for you.

  2. Find converting leads

    AI tools identify the accounts and people in your database that are more likely to close. This allows you to prioritize the best sales opportunities.

  3. Hunts down the profitable market

    Deep learning, a sub-field of machine learning allows all the people who need your products or services. Moreover, the algorithms use unstructured data to provide accurate email addresses and phone numbers to sales reps.

     The predictive analysis process identifies all the people you should contact reach out to, but you are not.

  4. Amps up sales opportunities

    AI-powered predictive models in most tools help you to find Business-to-business audiences to hunt down ideal customers.

    This model does not only create a quality audience for you to target but also proves great for your products and services.

  5. Close sales

    Once you have built a high-quality, structured sales pipeline, AI helps you to close sales.

  6. Improved engagement with potential customers

    B2B marketers use AI to engage with prospects through chat and email. The software handles all the interactions and also initiates conversations with end-users.

  7. Predict high-quality lead conversions

    Machine learning platforms, such as predict the win rate and forecast possible lead conversions. Apart from offering product recommendations to top leads, it also forecasts your sales pipeline’s success.

  8. Score leads using predictive analysis

    AI utilizes the sales and marketing platform to score leads in your existing database. This way, you would know who is going to buy from you.

  9. Lead engagement

    AI-powered systems like Conversica ensure that leads that visit your websites do not fall through the cracks. The AI system is programmed to reply quickly, initiate immediate contact with leads and give tailored yet customized responses.

  10. Augments and automates all the sales operations

    AI systems are not just programmed to predict and prioritize. It automated and augmented the sales operations which free up a lot of time for sales reps.

  11.  Automate data collection

    Salesforce uses an intelligent system to cover repetitive sales tasks. These operations include data collection for capturing leads, sending automatic notifications, and receiving insights about buying cycles.

  12. Replicate sales representatives

    Deep learning algorithms capture all the successful sales conversions of your representatives and replicate the phone calls, emails, etc.

Use cases of AI in marketing

Some of the more common use cases of AI in marketing are as follows:

  • Content analysis to spot gaps and marketing opportunities
  • Content optimization by selecting high-performing keywords
  • Create buyer personas
  • Curate evergreen and data-driven content
  • Discover insights into the successful marketing campaigns and buying cycles


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