How to Connect with the Millennial Tech Buyer
Article gives the idea on how to connect millennial tech buyer

How to Connect with the Millennial Tech Buyer

With millennials continuing to become the majority within the global workforce between 2020 and 2030, they strongly influence many business decisions. This is extremely true now for technology buying.

A quick takeaway from this is that tech providers need to effectively approach marketing and sales processes to effectively reach millennial minds. This requires an entirely different approach as this audience reacts and behaves differently than other generations.

What Makes Millennial Tech Buyers Different?

To put it simply, millennials are more invested. They care about practicality, authenticity, and trust.

  • Millennials are more tech-savvy compared to baby boomers and aren’t afraid of taking ownership of these processes. They want tools that offer the best in the market and are coping up with the everyday advancement. They want to buy products that can keep up with their pace.
  • Social presence is vital. Millennial tech buyers want to engage with you on platforms they use on an everyday basis. These include social media platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube. If a tech vendor has an established LinkedIn profile with a reliable connection, research has shown that these young decision-makers are more likely to convert.
  • Millennials care about brand personalities. Millennials react to brand narratives and stories. They want to create long-lasting relationships with brands that are more humanized rather than a simple product offering. Tech brands can focus on adding a human element to their marketing campaigns that elude trustworthiness and reliability.

So, What Can a Company Do to Target and Convert Them?

Glad you asked. Here are three ways you can target millennial tech buyers better and gain some conversion along the way: 

  1. Create informative and relevant content

    Before deciding what tech vendors they want to choose, young audiences want to self-research as much as possible. They want information pieces that give them answers easily. Marketers should try using short format content like quick how-to videos or listicle blog pieces over long research papers and instruction manuals.

  2. Build a relationship

    Companies need to focus on establishing and maintain a meaningful relationship with the prospects. Rather than just creating a transactional conversation based on price quotations and sales pitches, try to understand their organizational needs and goals. All communication should have a personalized touch to it to increase customer engagement.

  3. Share real-life impact

    Rather than shelling out purely educational information, focus on diversifying your message. Incorporate product demos and reviews to increase your authenticity in the industry. Research has also shown that industry news and expert opinions can be a high point of influence in the decision-making process for millennial tech buyers.

    Before finalizing your campaign, ask yourself the following three questions:

    • Is your marketing message capable of impacting a millennial audience?
    • Are there enough supporting documents to provide all the information a millennial tech buyer would want to consider?
    • Can the campaign connect to the audience in a personalized manner?

    Armored with information about how to tackle marketing to this generation, do you feel more confident? Remember that millennials are not disrupting your process but rather increasing the likeliness of conversion. All you need to do is create a value proposition in an impactful and meaningful manner.

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