How to Use Buyer Intent Signals for Sales Impact
Article is on Buyer intent data

How to Use Buyer Intent Signals for Sales Impact

Buyer Intent signals demonstrate that a client is going to make a buy. You may employ a variety of intent signals, each of which will assist you to identify prospects based on distinct factors. Some of these will assist you in identifying prospects at the top of the funnel (TOFU), while others will assist you at the bottom (BOFU).

TOFU indications indicate that the buyer journey has begun. They’re probably not ready for your sales presentation, but they do want to learn more about their problem and potential solutions.

When customers are about to make a purchase, they will get a BOFU signal. They want to locate a vendor that can address their problem quickly so they can get started.

What Are the Advantages of Using Buyer Intent Data?

The primary (and most essential) advantage of employing intent data is that you avoid communicating with disengaged buyers.

You’re effectively narrowing down your prospecting pipeline to solely qualified buyers.

Not only will this significantly improve your conversion rate, but it will also provide your sales and marketing teams a significant competitive advantage.

How Might Buyer Intent Data Benefit Your Sales Team?

Your sales technique will be revolutionized thanks to intent data. It can assist you in the following ways:

1. Shorten Your Sales Cycle

It will be simpler to convert active buyers. You may easily reduce your sales cycle by focusing your efforts on active buyers.

2. Leads Should Be Classified and Scored

Buyer intent data provides you with a wealth of information about your prospects. This may be used to divide your prospecting list into categories.

3. Upsell Your Items

You may use intent software to see if your present clients are contemplating alternatives to your own products. To put it another way, you can find out whether they’re spying on your rivals. Make use of this knowledge to market things they haven’t tried yet.

4. Figure out Which Leads Are of High Quality

Buyer intent data identifies internet leads who are interested in your items. These leads will be easier to convert, resulting in a larger return on investment.

5. Make A Prospect List That Is Highly Focused

You can identify which leads are high-priority by learning more about your prospects. You may utilize intent data to structure your prospecting list more effectively.

6. Make Your Sales Pitch Unique

Data about a buyer’s interests and pain areas is known as intent data. Use the information you’ve gathered to adapt your sales pitch to their specific requirements.

7. Begin Incorporating Data on Buyer Intent into Your Prospecting Efforts

Intent Data is critical all alone; however, it is best when joined with extra information focuses like firmographic, technographic, and commitment measurements to foster a comprehensive scoring model that incorporates qualifying rules and commitment. When utilized accurately, Intent Data might be an incredible indicator of which records are probably going to purchase your item or service.


Prospecting has altered dramatically as a result of buyer intent data. We’ve never seen the ability to deliberately target a decision-audience maker’s in order to influence their purchasing decision.

The days of spam emails and mass outreach with low conversion rates are long gone.

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