Case Studies Using AI in Content Marketing
Article gives the Case Studies of AI Success in Content Marketing

Case Studies Using AI in Content Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and its development have taken over a significant part of our lives. Today, almost all the activities related to content marketing are said to be the highest-rated used cases for Artificial Intelligence in marketing their product and services.

This has happened because, unlike any other facility, Artificial Intelligence is capable of many tasks. It can help you create and deliver and free up your team of experts to spend extra time on the creative tasks at hand. Let’s learn how to incorporate AI in content marketing in our daily lives; keep reading to find out!

Artificial Intelligence can easily tackle any issues for users, and for that, you’ll find tools that are commercially available online. Build competitive content using AI in marketing and start today. Here are some case studies of companies using AI to sell their content to build a better understanding.

Case Studies Using AI in Content Marketing

1. Chase Bank Applying AI to get Market Creative:

Chase Bank, a famous copywriting company, got on board and decided to apply AI in getting creative in the market. This didn’t just help them grow, but it changed the whole outlook of their content. By incorporating machine learning in their copywriting techniques, they achieved humanity in their marketing.

They came with digital ads providing the perfect solution to people, leading to organic traffic generation on their website and people leaning towards them for finance and retail solutions. How effective-immediate!

2. Starbucks Incorporated Predictive Analysis and Came up with Personalized Recommendations:

According to research, all those companies that value predictive analysis are organically increasing their revenue by 21% every year; yes, that’s right. On average, it only increases 12% without the use of predictive analysis, which is low.

Starbucks is a worldwide example of a brand that has incorporated its loyalty card and the mobile application to collect data and analyze various consumers. They believe in personalization and individuality and serves customers according to that. They have amped up their app experience, kept records of all the purchases, and customized messages according to customers.

They provide:

  • Recommendations on different items.
  • Letting them know what fits their type and what drinks or things to try.
  • Increasing the ordering value of a customer.

Starbucks did all of this through predictive analysis and perfectly incorporated AI in marketing. How cool!

3. Alibaba Starts a Fashion AI Store:

Alibaba, popularly known as the retail giant, just started an online FashionAI store in Hongkong. The goal of this store is to help streamline the fashion experience by incorporating AI. You can easily detect the garment tags as soon as you touch them; smart mirrors display different clothing and information regarding them. Another cool thing is that these intelligent mirrors suggest what goes with what, making it pretty easy for you to shop.

The retail giant plans to introduce a virtual wardrobe app in their brick and mortar stores to elevate customer experience and make it easier for customers to see what they tried during their visit to the store. How cool!

Approximately 46% of consumers enjoyed this virtual experience, which helped them build their confidence in the brand. AI in marketing is helping brands reach high up!

4. Custom Nike in just 90 Minutes!

In the year 2017, the brand Nike came up with a unique concept that allowed people to customize their  Nike Presto X Sneakers according to their style. The designs are easily printed on the sneakers and available in just 90 minutes!

This usage of AI gave the brand insight into consumer preferences. The machine-learning algorithm was used to create future products and deliver personalized messages to users. AI in marketing was fully optimized by the brand Nike!

Final Verdict: Is AI Effective or Not?

Yes, Artificial Intelligence is practical, but with a combination of your efforts too. That’s when assists you in taking competitive measures; we at provide you with all the insight, come up with excellent campaigns, scale your efforts, and make your content stand out. All of which is done by using AI in marketing. We have a team of experts that help you through different marketing tools and lead you to the top. Choose, book a demo and reap the benefits of AI!