5 Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics Using AI-Based Tools
lead nurturing tactics

5 Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics Using AI-Based Tools

In recent years, AI has had a revolutionary effect on the marketing world. Harvard Business Review research says AI can increase lead generation by 50 percent and reduce costs by 60 percent. This means it can also increase revenue for businesses.

In addition to that, businesses can analyze and interpret the vast amounts of social media data that exists on the internet today. AI-based tools can provide companies with eye-opening insights about consumers, which leads to considerable improvements in lead generation. Businesses today have access to powerful social analytics and CRM tools that utilize customer behavior to maximize ROI.

What is Lead Nurturing?

In lead nurturing, information and resources are provided to your potential customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey to engage, support, and build relationships.

While some leads generated by your marketing team are ready to buy, many will have some questions and concerns about your product or service, and therefore lead nurturing is necessary to help them move from the awareness stage to the decision stage. 

Artificial Intelligence for Lead Scoring

Lead scoring helps marketing and sales teams avoid wasting time on inactive leads. An individual lead’s importance is ranked according to what action they took in the sales funnel. This is known as lead scoring.

Some companies score leads based on points earned from different actions. If a demo of a product is available, for instance, then sign up for the newsletter may be more beneficial. A lead’s priority is determined by the points it accumulates. Traditional scoring models are not used by everyone. 

The predictive lead scoring approach uses aggregated data to predict a lead’s value in advance through an algorithm-based model.

Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

1. Content targeting can be leveraged

Lead nurturing isn’t the same for all companies. Enhanced results can be achieved by nurturing leads with targeted content as the research shows. 

Understand your buyer personas by working to identify them. Using this information, you can then craft an assortment of content sites based on the characteristics of each persona, such as their interests, goals, and objectives.

2. Paid Ad campaigns that are laser targeted

You can use AI-based solutions to break down your social media data into vital and reliable target lists. This grouped list of prospects can prove vital for your paid ad campaigns. 

Various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram make it possible for businesses to upload customer lists they intend to target precisely. By uploading the lists created using AI-based means, you can greatly reduce your CPA and increase your lead generation rates.

Besides, you can use social platforms to generate lookalike audiences according to your data. This audience is made up of consumers that have similar qualities like gender, age, demographics, profession, and interests with your current customers. This is again a great way of locating target customers that’ll be particularly interested in your brand.

3. Send personalized emails

One highly effective method of nurturing leads is email marketing- and how personal those emails are have proven to produce better results. According to research by Accenture, 41 percent of clients switched businesses because of a lack of personalization.

You can personalize your emails in several ways to improve your lead nurturing technique. It is possible to send triggered emails when a web visitor does something like downloading content, clicking a link, visiting a particular page on your website, or spending more time on your site. 

4. Separating prospects

Consumers of different ages, professions, demographics, and cultures regularly consume social media content. Therefore, it can be challenging knowing and narrowing down the potential list of people that’ll be the best fit for your business.

Businesses can create highly targeted and hyper-personalized ads, content, and emails to improve lead generation by using their segmented lists.

5. Higher brand awareness

Social media data is broad and spread across different platforms. It is difficult to manually organize data, analyze it, and design campaigns on it to increase lead generation.

Tools that are based on artificial intelligence collect data, information, and metrics of social media engagement in one portal. So, anytime a user engages or makes contact with your business, the data will be kept in your analytics tools.


Since a lot of buyers will not buy your product or service from the first point interaction, you need lead nurturing to facilitate a more personalized approach that increases your chances of conversion. The goal is to create and nurture a relationship with every prospect through honest interest and progressive trust. 

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